The Best Social Media Posts for Chiropractor Marketing

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With over 2 billion active users, it’s hard to deny the power of social media. 

Social media marketing for chiropractors can be a great way to connect with potential clients and create a connection with your brand. Social media posts can be a potent marketing tool when used effectively. 

Here are just a few reasons why social media posts are such an effective marketing tool for chiropractors:

  1. They allow you to reach a large audience quickly and easily.
  2. They help build trust and credibility with potential patients.
  3. They’re a great way to show off your knowledge and expertise.
  4. They can help you stay on top of your mind when people are looking for a chiropractor.
  5. They’re a cost-effective way to market your business.


Social media posts can be a powerful marketing tool that helps you reach more potential patients and grow your business.

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How Do You Write Successful Chiropractic Social Media Posts?

Creating successful chiropractor social media posts will vary depending on your platform. However, here are some pivotal points to always observe.


Be purposeful. Each piece of content you post must provide value to your readers. No one wants to see advertisements on your channel. Create posts that serve a valuable purpose for your target audience so they can gain a real benefit, whether by learning something useful or through humor and entertainment. 

Be consistent. Keep your posts fresh and consistent—people like seeing new content and will anticipate your next post. Decide on a posting schedule, and be consistent in keeping it up. Consistency is how you earn the trust of your followers. 

Be connected. Excellent social media posts are connected back to your chiropractic brand. Include your practice contact information or profile in your posts when applicable. Depending on the social media channel, give clients a way to set up an appointment or reach out to your practice. 

Be engaging. When you can positively engage with your followers, you strike gold. Whether asking a question, posting a poll, or making comments, viewers like to feel connected to the brands they follow on social media. Engaging helps you build your following and increase new clients.

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Things Not To Post On Social Media

When creating your chiropractic posts for social media, you get to set the type of content and tone for your viewers. However, there are some types of content you will want to avoid posting such as: 

  • Negative talk about competitors
  • Content that is boastful or can come across as arrogant
  • Personal information that does not connect to your chiropractic practice
  • Politics and any topics that cause controversy (this pertains to your comments as well)
  • Unprofessional content
  • Content that reveals too much information about a client
  • Poor-quality images or videos
  • Facts or statistics that are not from reliable sources

Social Media Post Ideas Tailored For Chiropractors

To build effective social media marketing for your chiropractic brand, begin by growing your presence on one or two channels. This way, you can hone the posts on your selected channel(s) and cultivate a good following before advancing to another channel. 

Each social media channel has its unique advantages. For example, Facebook is effective for text and video content to drive engagement, TikTok is perfect for short videos and a younger audience, YouTube for long and short videos, and Instagram for images and short videos using specific hashtags. 

Here are some compelling post ideas to help you create successful posts:


Video Content:

  • Patient session (with permission)
  • Patient testimonial
  • Office tours
  • Staff introductions
  • Educational videos about chiropractic care
  • Specific conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care
  • Videos that debunk myths concerning chiropractic care
  • Host a question-and-answer video on a chiropractic topic
  • Videos that showcase tools used in your chiropractic practice
  • Demonstrate stretches to relieve back pain


Text Content:

  • Practical and up-to-date healthcare information
  • Back care and neck care tips
  • Valuable and exciting chiropractic research
  • Ask a question about patient interests, hobbies, or chiropractic issues
  • Give advice about the most common issues
  • Share an interesting fact and get a discussion going
  • Share helpful home-care tips
  • Announce a special promotion or a limited-time offer
  • Contests or drawings your brand is offering
  • Reminders for viewers to prioritize their health
  • Reshare posts from authority pages
  • Share your views on a trending topic (be sure it is not political or controversial)
  • Share an inspiring story or a humorous message


Image Content: (make sure images are high quality)

  • Infographics about chiropractic treatment benefits and general health
  • Images with helpful tips, quotes, facts, or testimonials
  • Patient session (with permission)
  • Your office and staff
  • Happy Clients
  • Chiropractic procedures
  • Seasonal and holiday-themed
  • Recommendations


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Engaging with your clients and target audience on social media provides various benefits for your online branding and marketing.

It allows you to connect with clients, build trust in your brand and increase traffic to your website.  

So if you haven’t already, be brave and put yourself on video or in pictures and speak to your social media followers just like you would if they were in your office.

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Keeping your social media followers engaged by posting great content consistently will mean more referrals, repeat appointments, and new appointments for your chiropractic practice.


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