Building a Physical Therapy Website – What You Should Know to Start

Physical Therapy Marketing

The majority of people worldwide rely on searching online for services and products they need. Creating an online platform is the first step to success for your physical therapy business. This is true for almost all industries.

Benefits of Having a Website for PT Practice

Having a website for your physical therapy practice has many helpful benefits. It helps ensure potential customers can find you easily and quickly, as well as gives you a reliable means to promote yourself and showcase all your services. 

Additionally, a physical therapy website puts you on the same playing field as larger practices, giving you a more competitive edge than ever. Most importantly, it allows clients to book appointments online quickly and conveniently, saving them time and stress. For these reasons and more, having a website is undeniably essential these days for building your physical therapy branding and remaining relevant and successful!

Necessary Features of Physical therapy Website

If you’re ready to build or upgrade your PT website, here are some of the most essential features it must have. 

  1. Appealing Home Page

Your home page should have appealing taglines, attractive images, and display all your services. For instance, if you focus on caring for sports injuries, speak more about it on your home page. 

  1. Device Friendly

You want your website to be easily viewed and navigated across all digital devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Most people search online using mobile devices, so you want a responsive website design to reach the widest audience. 

  1. Quick Loading Pages

Viewers are in a hurry and will only spend a short time browsing a website before moving on. Given that you have just a few moments to grab their attention when they land on your page, you want to be sure it loads quickly. Optimize the content on each page, like your videos and images, to help each page load fast. 

  1. Distinguished Call to Action

Each page of your website should have a minimum of one call to action. Also, in the footer or on the side of each page, have your contact information, phone number, office hours, and address if needed. Having a prominent call to action can encourage visitors to complete the activity on your site. 

  1. Reviews and Testimonials

Having testimonials and reviews where visitors can see them can significantly increase your conversion rates. People often choose a service or product after reading a review.

Building a Website is Just the Beginning

While your physical therapy website design is vitally important, you must also develop your site for your services. Here are some basics to know:


Ensure that the design and color of your website match your logo and other brand assets. You need to create a consistent brand message and establish a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience and helps you build brand awareness easily.


Your written content for each page should include the keyword for that page and be relevant and informative. Begin a website blog you regularly update with new valuable content and then share it on your social media platforms as part of your social media marketing campaign.

SEO / Getting Online Traffic

Be sure to apply the most effective SEO practices for physical therapists to rank in the search engines. This mainly includes keyword research and written text content. 

Technical Maintenance

Avoid website issues by having regular website maintenance performed. This includes keeping everything up to date, managing support services, updates and repairs, keeping your website secure, and fixing SEO errors and updates.  

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Key Takeaway

It’s evident that creating a website for your physical therapy business is a brilliant idea, and there are several things to consider before doing so. Remember the importance of having an accessible and professional design, offering well-written content, ensuring top-notch maintenance and security, providing a good user experience, utilizing SEO to drive your online traffic, and creating a CTA for viewers. 

All these components work together to help your physical therapy services stand out! Take steps to build a successful website today – you won’t regret it. If you’d like help building, securing, and maintaining your website, call DigiBIZ. Your patients will thank you – and so will your pocketbook!


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