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Good chiropractic care can make people’s lives better.

As a chiropractor, you’ve seen it happen many times- people arrive with all kinds of injuries, pain, and disorders, and after you have treated them, they leave feeling better than they have in years.

Attracting new clients to your practice can take time and effort, even with how effective your chiropractic care is. This is where SEO for chiropractors comes in.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhances your website to be more easily found on search engine results when people are searching for a chiropractor. When a potential client searches Google for “back pain relief,” “spinal adjustment,” or “chiropractor,” you want your website to be towards the top of the results they see.

Effective SEO is what makes a digital marketing plan specific for chiropractors successful.

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Why is Chiropractic Website SEO So Vital?

Investing in chiropractic SEO can help your practice thrive and here are some compelling reasons why:

  1. The majority of people search online to find new businesses. One study showed that 97% of users look online to find a local business they need.
  2. Most people utilize search engines to search for health-related information. 80% of individuals use search engines like Google or Bing to discover health information. Most of these people do not browse past the first page of search results.
  3. Most people searching online for healthcare are ready to book an appointment. If your website is optimized and shows up in their search, you will likely get a booking.
  4. Chiropractor SEO marketing is more cost-effective and can offer greater ROI results than almost any other strategy. Unlike paid advertising which needs continuous revenue to keep up results, effective SEO is a long-term strategy that continues to attract more targeted leads to your practice long after you’ve applied its techniques.


Top Ways To Implement Chiropractic SEO

There are several nuts and bolts that makeup SEO. We will touch on the elements that are most important for chiropractors.

Website Optimization

Optimizing your site is fine-tuning your keywords, content, media, load speed, meta tags, and descriptions that help improve your ranking in search engine results. While there is enough information about each of these to write separate detailed articles for each one, we will share a quick list.

  • Set up Google Analytics tracking for your website to measure your SEO performance.

  • Conduct keyword research to discover what keywords are best for your business. Aim for relative keywords with low competition and good search volume. We personally use Ahrefs to track keywords.

  • Learn if your website is crawlable and indexable.

  • Check title tags, page title H1 tags, and meta descriptions. Utilize the character counts and include the appropriate targeted keyword for each page of your site.

  • Make sure to include original and related content. Each page of your website should be fresh and bring something different than your competitors. It’s better to have it unique than long. Consider including case studies, results, and testimonials.

  • Include a website blog. Share valuable information that is well-written and updated consistently. Aim for engaging articles that are at an 8th-grade level. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your posts. Viewers reading your content can improve your rankings on search engines

  • Utilize images. Aim to have as many unique photos or more than your competition. You want high-quality images that can compress well to prevent slow page loading issues. Give your images descriptive file names and tag descriptions which help performance on search engines.

  • Include useful internal and external links on your site. This can improve the authority, indexability, and crawlability of your website. Linking to authoritative external sources that relate to the content on your website or blog post helps build page trust.    

  • Fix broken links on your website.
  • Make sure your website page loads in 3 seconds or less. Quick load page speed can improve SEO and conversions.

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. This is necessary as most internet searches are done on people’s mobile devices.

  • Check that your website has an SSL certificate installed.

  • Consider adding a FAQ page to your site.

Begin with Local SEO for Chiropractors


With the 3.5 billion searches on Google happening every day, nearly half of them are for local businesses. Since the majority of your chiropractic clients live close by, Local SEO can be a powerful tool for drawing in new clients.

By optimizing for local SEO, you can set yourself as the top chiropractor in your area.

  • Claim and optimize your Google My Business profile. Include plenty of information about your practice and a few high-quality images.

  • Enable Google Maps with your address on your Google My Business contact page.

  • Collect Google reviews. Encourage your current clients to leave a review on Google, and even offer incentives if they do. These reviews are very influential in showing that you are a reliable and reputable chiropractor, and they improve your SEO.

  • Create Posts for your Google Business Profile. Short informative posts here can be seen by people searching for your business. Use short posts to promote special offers, blog posts, and events or to answer questions.

  • Add location pages to your website.

  • Use local search terms like “Houston Chiropractor” using your city.

3. Most Important: Content is King

When it comes to Chiropractic SEO, valuable content rules!

Your website and blog content must be relevant, informative, engaging, original, and high-quality. Good content keeps your followers coming back for more and establishes you as an expert in the industry.

High-quality content uses keyword-rich descriptions and titles. Not keyword stuffing. This is how search engines can match your content with relevant searches and improve your rankings.

Things to remember about content:

  • It must be well-written and free of spelling and grammar errors
  • It should be high-quality with related keywords
  • Keep it fresh, original and engaging
  • Update your website blog consistently
  • Share content and blog posts on social media platforms


For chiropractors, it’s vital to utilize SEO to build your practice. Why? Because people are searching for answers to their health problems online. And, if you’re not ranking high in search results, potential patients won’t find you.

When it comes to an effective SEO strategy, you can take the time to research and do it yourself as a chiropractor, or you can work with an experienced SEO company like DigiBIZ to help you rank in the search engines and grow your business.

We offer a free SEO report and consultation. We hope you can take some steps today to use chiropractic SEO to improve your practice.



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