How To Use Facebook Ads for Physical Therapy Marketing

Physical Therapy Marketing

Are you looking to promote your physical therapy practice?

Pay-per-click can be expensive and it is challenging to track print advertising; social media marketing is a significantly effective marketing tool to consider. 

In the last few years, interest in physical therapy has increased on Facebook. This means that physical therapy Facebook ads have the potential to reach a broad audience making it a viable option for marketing.

Facebook Ad Tips For Your PT Practice

As with any social media marketing, there is a slight learning curve with Facebook. However, it is an effective way for physical therapists to bring in new clients and stay engaged with current ones. With this in mind, below are three great tips for making Facebook ads for therapists work for you.


1. Set a Specific Goal for Each Ad Campaign

Begin with the goals you’ve mapped out for your business and create a strategy that matches those goals. Although Facebook has some processes to assist you, you must make those decisions. It might be website clicks, video views, or starting conversations; getting a strategy that aligns with your business goals will make it simpler for you to measure success over time.

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2. Give the Incentive to Engage

It may not be feasible for you to give away a free service as a physical therapist, but offering some incentive helps draw people in. Few things in life get people more delighted than getting a good deal. Here are some ideas:

  • Free swag like a mug, water bottle, or t-shirt for new clients
  • Use the word “free” to pique people’s interest
  • Partner with a nearby business for a giveaway or event
  • Drawings for a gift card
  • Referral incentives like a longer session when a friend is referred 

3. Post Quality Content to Your Facebook Page

Other than the content in your paid Facebook ads, be sure to post good content organically to your business Facebook page consistently. People who are interested in your ad will often visit your page to learn more. If there are few recent posts, it can give the impression that you are not as legitimate.

You build trust with your audience with consistent content posted on Facebook, and it helps you engage with and retain your current clients. Here are some ideas:

  • Post weekly short videos of exercise tips
  • Share your blog posts (yes, you should have a blog updated regularly on your website)
  • Highlight local sports community events or athletics
  • Spotlight your team members
  • Give tours of your office or holiday decorations
  • Post patient testimonials

How to Target the Physical Therapy Audience (Ad Targeting)

One key to creating the best physical therapy ads on Facebook is to target your specific audience and discover the niche or hidden interests of physical therapy that your competitors are unaware of.

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Interest Targeting

When setting up your Facebook ads, you can target individuals who like pages related to physical therapy or who have expressed an interest in PT and similar topics. This is called interest-based targeting, and it allows you to target larger audiences.

Interest-based targeting lets you set up your ads to be seen by your targeted audience. These are individuals who have exhibited an interest in your industry previously and are, therefore, more likely to engage with your ads.


Location Targeting

Most likely, your physical therapy clinic is a local business. It would be best if you targeted the right geographic area. You have probably been disappointed before when you’ve clicked on a business ad you are interested in, only to find that it is far away or even in a different state. You want to avoid this mistake when marketing your PT service.

Before you designate your targeted locations for your Facebook ads, decide how far a person will travel to get to your office. If you work in a smaller town with fewer physical therapy options, you might consider targeting a larger area than you would if you’re in a larger city with many PT offices.


Age and Gender Targeting

To target the most appropriate age and gender audiences, check your current client information.

Facebook can utilize your client email database to match their account lists and show your ad to those individuals.

Plus, using your client email database, Facebook can also make a look-a-like audience with people who closely match your current client’s age, interests, and gender. This allows your ad to reach potential new clients.

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With some optimization, practice, and dedication, you can turn your business Facebook page and therapist ads into a marketing machine that can expand your brand awareness and bring in new clients.


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