Instagram Post Ideas for Your Chiropractic Practice

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Social media marketing for chiropractors is a great way to get the word out about your practice, and Instagram is a compelling platform. Because it is popular among individuals 18 to 35 years old, it’s a great place to grab the attention of new patients in that age group. 

What is Instagram

Instagram is a free social media application where people can take photos, filter, and share them on several platforms using their smartphones. Users accrue followers and often use hashtags to make it easier to discover images on their pages. 

With visual content as its currency, it provides an ideal canvas for showcasing your work. You can use photos and videos to identify products, portray lifestyle scenarios, demonstrate treatments, or provide educational content.


How To Use Instagram to Promote Your Clinic 

It’s easy to get started using Instagram. Sign up and set up your account, including a short description of your business and a link to your website. Then start taking pictures. You don’t have to be a professional photographer; you only need a smartphone or tablet with a camera. Then connect your Instagram account with your other social media platforms. 

Make a list of relevant keywords to use as hashtags that include your business name. Using hashtags will increase your visibility on Instagram. Then begin posting. To help you get started, we will go over some chiropractic Instagram post ideas below. But first, we need to go over some basics. 

To create effective chiropractic Instagram posts, you will want to follow these basic principles: 

Be consistent. People like new content, and you must post consistently. Commit to a posting schedule so your viewers can anticipate your next posts. 

Be engaging. Your posts can gain traction when you engage with your followers. When people comment, be sure to respond. People like to feel connected to brands that they follow. 

Be relevant. Make sure your posts connect to your chiropractic practice and your work or brand story. 

Be purposeful. Your posts should not be like an advertisement but come across as purposeful and give value to the viewer. 


Social Media Posts Effective for Promoting Chiropractic Practice


Making your practice stand out in the crowd is essential as a chiropractor. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create engaging social media posts promoting your services and attracting potential customers. This means crafting posts that capture potential patients’ attention while conveying why they should come to you! 

Here are ten Instagram post ideas for your chiropractic practice.


  1. Post Tips or Interesting Statistics

Share a fact, tip, or story your clients would be interested in. Keep it simple and visual. You could make it consistent, like “Tuesday Tips” or “Friday Facts.” 


chiropractic instagram post idea - tips and stats



  1. Pose a Question

People love to share their opinions and engage in conversation. Using an eye-catching graphic, try asking a question. 


chiropractic instagram post idea - ask a question




  1. Share a Quote or Inspirational Message

People will almost always respond to a message or quote that resonates with them. 

chiropractic instagram post idea - share quotes



  1. Showcase Your Care

Share images of clients being treated in your clinic. This allows you to show yourself in action and let viewers see “behind the scenes.” Make sure you get permission from each client before sharing on any social media platform. 


chiropractic instagram post idea - show you care


  1. Share How-To’s

Give viewers visual how-to information for symptoms they may be experiencing. This helps establish your brand as an expert in the industry. 


chiropractic instagram post idea - how-to


  1. Promote Your Values

Post images with text showcasing your brand’s values. 


chiropractic instagram post idea - promote values


  1. Show the Services You Offer

A post showing your office front or chiropractic team can help viewers connect with you. Be sure to include all that you offer. These types of posts only need to be posted occasionally. 


chiro ad showing services offered




  1. New Doctor Introductions

Let your viewers know about new team members joining your practice.

 chiropractic instagram post idea - new chiro introduction




  1. Patient Testimonials

Posting a positive review video or image can be very powerful for building your brand reputation. Make sure to get permission before publishing.

chiropractic instagram post idea - show testimonials



  1. Share a Humorous Post

Laughter is the best medicine, and a post that brings a smile or giggles to your viewers is worth gold. Make sure that the theme of the post relates to your industry.


chiropractic instagram post idea - share funny post or meme



Posting on Instagram regularly and being responsive will help you to engage more deeply with existing patients, attract new customers and build your authority in the industry. As you grow your following of engaged fans, be sure to use targeted ads to extend your reach even further. Using Instagram for your chiropractic business can be a real game-changer!


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