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If you’re a chiropractor, you know one of the biggest challenges for your business is reliably generating leads. The goal may feel impossibly tricky at times (for each person who has heard of your practice and contacts you, there are dozens more out there you could be reaching!). Still, the truth is that with some clever digital marketing techniques, chiropractic lead generation can become much more manageable. 

Building an effective lead-generation strategy takes knowledge – luckily, this blog post helps break down all the components so that any chiropractic business owner will successfully generate leads from digital sources. Keep reading to learn top techniques for creating reliable leads, advertising for chiropractors, and growing your practice!


Website Visitor Identification

Learn who is interested in your chiropractic services by identifying who is visiting your website, what pages they visit, and what actions they take in real time. This is called website visitor identification, a service also offered here at DigiBIZ. 

Since most website visitors will never email you or fill out a form, you cannot proactively engage with them. Identifying who is on your website in real-time allows you to see what they are looking for, learn how many times they’ve visited your site, and even view their social media connections. 

This information lets you engage with your website visitors earlier in their path to making an appointment, making it faster to close the deal. Website Visitor Identification is an excellent lead generation solution for chiropractic services.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

The most crucial strategy for lead generation is SEO. Every lead that comes in through SEO is warm, so it’s vital to make your chiropractor website as SEO-friendly as possible

  • Ensure your website loads quickly and runs fast. Visitors will abandon the site if it’s too slow, and a slow site can hurt your search engine rankings.
  • Find and use chiropractic keywords that have high search volumes. Less popular search terms can also help.
  • Be sure to use keywords naturally and within their context, or you can damage your site’s rankings.
  • Utilize content marketing in creating textual content, like blog posts, that can target distinct keywords to show up in search engine results.  


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Paid Advertising Strategies

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another effective way to quickly attract people to your website. PPC and SEO can appear in search engine results; however, they work differently. Instead of ranking organically through SEO, you can create a Google Ads account and have your ads displayed. 

How it works with Google Ads is that you bid on specific keywords you have targeted for your practice. When someone searches for that particular keyword, Google will show the ads of the highest bidders above the organic search results. 

One of the best benefits of PPC is that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.


Email Marketing

When people visit your website and then leave without making an appointment, often they just need a reminder to return. Email marketing tailored for chiropractors is a great tool for this. 

Create an email capture form on your website to prompt visitors to submit their email addresses. Then you can follow up by sending email reminders and information to their inbox. 

Be sure not to use your email list for spamming people as this will get you in hot water fast. However, occasional emails with vital information, discounts, offers, and reminders can be great for encouraging appointments. 


Benefit Focused Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is an incentive you create to entice potential patients to give you their information. Getting more leads includes knowing how to create attractive opportunities. Lead magnets include any enticement you can utilize to bring in leads. It should be a free resource that spurs the viewer to click and sign up. 

Examples of lead magnets can include things like:

  • Checklist – everything a user may need to know about something in a single list
  • Cheat sheet – similar to checklists, but they offer processes and guidelines that can be used several times over
  • Giveaway – a grand prize, a free session, or something else your target audience would want
  • Opt-in opportunities – turn blog posts into an opt-in opportunity if you can
  • Discount on service

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Gated Content

Gated content is content that is locked until a person submits their information. Once they input their data, the content becomes accessible to them. If the content is valuable, this strategy effectively fuels lead generation. 

Examples of gated content are similar to lead magnets and can include things like:

  • Webinars
  • eBooks
  • Downloadable template
  • An in-depth, authoritative report on a specific topic (white paper)
  • Product Demos
  • Subscriptions
  • Free Trials
  • Free consultations
  • See more examples here

As a chiropractor, you need a healthy volume of leads to maintain your practice, but you may not have the time or resources to generate them on your own. Outsourcing lead generation can be an excellent solution for busy chiropractors who want to focus on treating patients. 

Experienced lead providers like DigiBIZ can develop targeted campaigns that deliver high-quality leads that convert into paying clients. Contact us today if you’re looking for help generating leads for your chiropractic practice. We’d be happy to discuss our services and how we can help you grow your business.

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