Marketing and Advertising Techniques for the Physical Therapy Industry

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Are you ready for physical therapy ads that bring in more clients?

You are in the right place. Advertising for physical therapy has never been easier.

Let’s get started with six methods that make a huge difference.

1. Claim Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a great way to get attention online. By creating a Google My Business account, you’ll be able to show up in Google Maps and the Google Map Pack. This will give you a significant boost in visibility and could help increase traffic to your website. It also provides valuable insights into how customers find you online and what they say about your business.

Potential clients can quickly get directions to your business, plus a lot of other information, using Google Maps. This is vital because it is used so often on mobile devices.

So if you’re not already using Google My Business and Google Maps, now is the time to sign up. You won’t regret it!

2. Use Google Ads

If you want to draw people into your physical therapy practice fast, Google ads can do it.

Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach a large audience with your message. However, like all marketing tools, it does have a cost associated with it. The good news is that, if used correctly, Google ads can provide an excellent return on investment.

One great benefit of advertising on Google ads is that you only pay when a person clicks on your advertisement. However, there is a learning curve to running highly optimized campaigns and using the best keywords for your brand. DigiBIZ has a team of experts that can help you with your Google ads campaign.

By carefully targeting your audience and choosing the most effective keywords, you can ensure that your search ads are seen by those most likely to be interested in your product or service.

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3. Optimize Your Website

While it’s nice to have an attractive website, its most important goal is generating leads for you. When generating leads is the prime focus, optimizing your site takes on new meaning. 

We cannot stress how important these strategies are for your site:

  • Keep it simple and free from too much text, wording, images, or design. Your site should not be text-heavy. Break up full paragraphs or remove them from your homepage.
  • Have a clear call to action towards the top of your homepage. Viewers who have to look around too much for the next step will generally leave your page.
  • Have one or two calls to action that everything on the page leads to (no more than 2).
  • Have the menu tab short and easy to navigate.
  • Ensure your site is fully mobile-friendly.
  • Make sure your site loads quickly.
  • Have your “contact us” information easy to find.


When effectively optimized, your website is the most powerful tool for generating more clients for your physical therapy practice.

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4. Start a Blog

Would you like to get free traffic from search engines to your website? Then utilize content marketing by starting a blog on your website.

Many people think that no one ever looks at blog posts. The fact is, a good article written primarily for individuals who are looking for the services you offer can attract many visitors.

Well-written content relevant to your industry can rank at the top of Google, drawing searchers to your site for free.

Content marketing is a powerful tool for developing trust and relationships with potential clients. It is like free advertising.

5. Get into the Top Directories

Online directories are a necessity in marketing your physical therapy practice. Your business must appear in large directories such as Psychology Today and Yelp to stay competitive. Large directories carry a lot of influence with Google, which means they have priority in showing up at the top of the search engine results.

While it takes work to stand out in the large directories, getting a good ROI with your optimized website and direct traffic to it is easier.

We suggest getting into the most affordable directory listings so that your listing will show up when people are looking.

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6. Gather Online Reviews

For people who have never met you, online reviews are an effective way to build trust and social proof. If you are serious about growing your business, you will develop a strategy to collect many fantastic reviews to win over potential clients.

You can encourage online reviews in many ways. Here are some ideas we’ve seen work:

  • Offer incentives to clients, like discounts on future visits when reviewing your service.
  • Request reviews when you send out your newsletter
  • Have placards in specific areas of your office or waiting room that ask people to take a minute to review your business on Google
  • Highlight clients’ reviews on social media
  • Express client appreciation for the feedback given

Remember, when potential clients are searching online and comparing you with your competitors, most people will select the business with the better reviews. Good reviews are an effective marketing tool.

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We hope you’ve learned several marketing ideas for your physical therapy practice. If you would like to attract more clients from the internet to your business, our digital marketing team here at DigiBIZ is happy to help.


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