20 Effective Massage Therapy Social Media Posts

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Are you a spa or massage therapist looking for a way to promote your business online?

Social media posting is a powerful tool for marketing, and it is free! Your primary investment is your time, and it can promote your services and reach new clients.

Successful social media marketing for massage therapy doesn’t mean you need to use every platform and create new posts daily. You can begin with one platform and create a simple strategy that includes these four things:


  1. Set a clear objective. Have a specific goal for your marketing. For example, some ideas include new client offers, gift certificate promotions, or community education. Be sure to set all your posts with this objective.
  2. Set a plan. Give yourself a timeline, like four weeks, then create all your posts for that period. You can post every day or three times a week, depending on the time you want to invest. Make sure your posts align with your objective.
  3. Be consistent. Schedule time every two to four weeks to create and schedule your massage social media posts. Include ten to fifteen minutes each day to review and respond to comments on your posts. You must engage with people who respond to your posts.
  4. Monitor your progress. Track what is working and what isn’t. Results can take a few months of consistent posting, but it will be worth it. If you don’t see the desired results, switch up your strategy and begin again.  

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Facebook is a solid platform to start with for a massage therapy marketing strategy due to the age, demographics, and sheer volume of subscribers. In this article, you will learn several massage therapy Facebook post ideas you can utilize immediately in your massage therapy promotions.


20 Massage Therapy Facebook Post Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started. Be sure to match your posts with the objective you’ve set for your two-to-four-week plan.

Remember that only some posts need to be about massage therapy. Your target audience will respond to beneficial information within the self-care industry. Through your informative posts, they will not only think of you when they need a massage but also consider you an expert on health and self-care.


  1. Promote massage specials. Use seasons and holidays to create a special offer you can promote on Facebook.


  1. Post self-care tips. Tips on caring for your skin, hands, and feet can be helpful for your followers. Also, things like moisturizing dry skin, keeping warm in winter, and sun protection in summer can interest viewers.


  1. Share information about national awareness. National Massage Therapy Awareness Week and National Skin Cancer Awareness Month are examples.


  1. Promote your new service. Utilize Facebook to advertise your services. Let your viewers know when you are offering a new therapy or product.


  1. Post introductions to team members. Let your followers get to know your staff members and introduce any new therapists that join your team. This can also include when a team member has a birthday or wants to share a holiday greeting.


  1. Share video testimonials or reviews of product lines you carry.


  1. Share a tour of your massage center, giving a “behind the scenes” peek.


  1. Advertise a new location. If you open another location or are moving, post that on Facebook and update that information on your business page.

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  1. Ask a question for engagement. Ideas for questions include: What does your dream day spa look like? What are your favorite smells or music to help you relax? What is your biggest challenge for healthy living? What book has made the most significant impact on your health and happiness?


  1. Ask a “Would you rather x or y?” question for engagement. For example, “Would you rather have a facial or massage?”


  1. Ask for reviews on your Facebook page.


  1. Post inspirational quotes or shocking statistics. You might share a quote from someone in the self-care or massage therapy industry or a statistic that affects health issues.


  1. Share your blog post links. This is another way to share valuable information with your viewers. In your blog, you can write about the different kinds of massages and their benefits, healthy lifestyle tips, healthy recipes to try, the changing needs of skincare, health product trends, and so forth.


  1. Share a humorous meme. People tend to share and engage with funny things that they can relate to and which make them laugh.


  1. Share educational information. Post things related to health, stress, and joyful living.


  1. Post “Throwback Thursday” images or videos. This can be from when you started your massage therapy practice or beauty products from the past.


  1. Invite followers to share their health or beauty tips. People love to share what they do, whether how to get their beauty sleep, How they relieve stress, how they keep their skin moisturized, or how they prevent or treat acne.


  1. Post a healthy living challenge. Examples include writing in a journal, drinking eight glasses of water daily, brushing your teeth for a full two minutes, cutting out a bad habit, practicing breathing and meditation, or cutting out sugar.


  1. Explain how a particular treatment works. For example, LED therapy, jelly face masks, laser hair removal, professional teeth whitening, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and microdermabrasion, to name a few.


  1. Invite viewers to share their favorite pictures. It could be their favorite hiking trail, preferred workout equipment, favorite healthy food or restaurant, and so forth.


This list should ignite your creativity and get you started on your massage therapy Facebook posting. Remember, the only investment is your time, which can pay off with an increase in the awareness of your brand and attracting new clients. If you enjoy posting on Facebook, you can expand your reach by adding another platform like Instagram or LinkedIn. 


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