Create Your Massage Therapy SEO Strategy In These 4 Key Areas

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If you’re a massage therapist looking to attract more clients, search engine optimization (SEO) might be the way to do that.

SEO has emerged as a dominant force in digital marketing, and for good reason. Its sustainability, organic nature, and ability to yield long-term results make it a go-to strategy for businesses worldwide.

Particularly in massage therapy marketing, leveraging SEO can prove highly advantageous. Harnessing this powerful tool can help businesses effectively target local searches for massage services within their area, maximizing visibility and attracting potential clients in need of rejuvenation and relaxation.

Here are four key strategies to get your spa digital marketing off to a great start:

1. Research The Best Massage Keywords For Your Practice.

Keyword research is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy, especially for businesses in the massage therapy industry. With so many different services and treatments available, knowing which keywords to target can be challenging. However, a few simple tips can help make the process easier.

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  • First, start by brainstorming a list of relevant keywords. Consider all of the different services you offer and any unique selling points that set your business apart from the competition.
  • After you’ve got a list of possible keywords, use a tool like Ahrefs to learn how much traffic each keyword receives.
  • Finally, choose a mix of high-traffic and low-competition keywords to target in your website content and paid search campaigns.

When you have your list of keywords, then you can incorporate them into your website naturally, like this:

  • In your page titles and headlines
  • Throughout the content of your website
  • In your image tags and captions
  • In the meta tags of your site
  • In describing your business in directories and review sites


With these simple steps, you can ensure that your massage therapy SEO will help your business be more visible to potential customers searching for your services.


2. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly.

More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for businesses online, and if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are likely to lose out on potential customers.

When a website is mobile-friendly, it can be easily viewed on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

This is important because many people need more time or patience to scroll through a website not designed for their mobile devices.

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Take advantage of potential customers – make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices!

3. Utilize Google My Business and Online Directories to List Your Business.

If you haven’t already, claim your Google My Business and Google Maps listings to let people find your business when they do a local search. Being listed with Google is the primary way local people will find you.

Ensure all the information you share, like your business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation, are consistent in all places online. Consistency like this ensures the search engines that your business is legitimate and helps boost your rankings.

Sites like Yelp and Google Places will help improve your visibility online and attract new clients. Most directories also encourage customers to leave reviews which can help to build credibility and trust for your business.

4. Start a Blog.  

A blog can be a valuable asset for any website, but it can be conducive to a massage therapist’s website. By providing fresh content regularly, a blog can help to attract new visitors and improve a website’s search engine rankings.

In addition, a blog can be a great way to connect with potential clients and build relationships. By sharing tips, insights, and information about massage therapy, a blog can help establish trust and credibility. And when used effectively, it can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to promote your massage therapy business.

Some tips for blog writing:

  • Write about what your target audience would like to know. For example, If you specialize in massage after injury, you will want to write some posts on the benefits of massage therapy for various injuries.
  • Include relevant keywords in the content.
  • Be consistent in posting. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, be consistent.
  • Share your posts on your social media channels.
  • Always respond to comments.


A well-written blog can help establish you as an expert in your field, which can lead to more business down the road.

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By following these four key strategies, you can get started on the path to success with SEO for your massage therapy business. If you want to learn more or receive a free SEO audit of your site, contact us here at DigiBIZ, we are happy to help.


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