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Massage Therapy Marketing

If you feel overwhelmed trying to market your business online, you may be pleased that it’s likely more manageable than you think. Social media marketing for massage therapists can be narrowed down to determining your target audience and selecting the best platforms. 

The ideas in this article can help you create a social media marketing plan that is effective and efficient for your spa’s digital marketing.


How Important Is Social Media Marketing for Massage Therapists


Building a good search-engine-optimized website is a strong start for establishing your online presence. Yet social media marketing can take your credibility and visibility to the next level as it allows you to interact directly with your current and potential clients.  

You can expand your client base through follows and shares and respond to comments and feedback more quickly. Most social media platforms provide business tools that help you promote your massage practice through advertising and measured engagement.


How to Make Best Use of Social Media to Get Massage Clients


Several social media tips help you market your massage practice and bring in more clients. It all starts with creating a strategy, even a simple one. 

  1. Consider what your goals are for utilizing social media. It may be to improve your current clients’ retention or acquire new ones.
  2. You will want to share information about your brand and services to attract new clients. Show your office, specific issues you treat, types of massage, and what sets you apart.
  3. Short videos that answer potential clients’ common questions can benefit your social media platforms.
  4. Post links to your scheduling page often.
  5. For client retention, you could post your open appointment times to encourage your clients who come less often to schedule a massage.
  6. Consider a theme you can focus on monthly or weekly, ensuring it caters to your target audience. If a theme is too much, select a specific weekly pattern of posting to keep your posts organized. You can match a particular day to a specific topic for each week.

Creating a consistent rhythm of good content and sharing attracts viewers and potential clients to your page. It’s common to change things around initially until you get your pace.

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Enhance Your Branding with Eye-catching Visuals


As a massage therapist, you want to display visuals on social media that will boost your branding and let people know what services you provide. Eye-catching visuals are a great way to do this and captivate potential customers. 

  • Start by creating a logo or professional design that showcases what your business offers. Make sure that the images and graphics you use on your social profile picture match what you use on your website.
  • Include photos of your space, equipment, and products to represent your services, ambiance, comfort, and professionalism.
  • Share before-and-after pictures that show the benefits of massage therapy to help draw attention from those who may not have heard of it before.
  • Take advantage of using videos, too – create 360° tours of your facility or upload clips demonstrating massage techniques with information about your various treatment options.
  • Be sure to size your pictures according to the platform you are using. One helpful free resource is, which has pre-made templates for the various social media image options. Infographic makers like Venngage, graphic design makers like PicMonkey, and other tools can help create logos, banners, thumbnails, and infographics.


Strategize How to Connect Effectively with Your Target Audience

Connecting to your audience is easier if you determine whom you are targeting. The first thing is to define your target audience and learn what is most important to them. 

As you post on a platform, stay engaged by inviting discussions and feedback, asking for their opinions, and replying to comments. 

Remember that social media marketing for therapists is about being social, not just sharing your sales pitch. Half or more of your posts should be very informative to your viewers with invitations to comment and engage. The more valuable and useful your information is to your audience, the stronger your connection. Keep your direct business content at least 20% or less of your total posts. 

Some helpful ideas for content to post include:

  • Original content such as events, news, guest articles, or blog posts.
  • 3rd party content from other sites related to health, massage, and well-being. It’s wise to add your own content or opinion with the link you share in building brand trust.
  • Share photos, memes, and inspirational messages.
  • Post interviews with your massage team.
  • Include related book reviews or product reviews.


Facilitate Effortless Conversion for Your Followers

Posting on your social media platforms does not need to be complicated or overwhelming. You can build a following with just your content and consistency. 

You also don’t need to have different content for each platform you are posting to. You can share the same content across all your social media platforms.

Just check the image sizes and video types needed for each platform. 

Make it easy for your followers to book an appointment by utilizing plugins and other social media tools so that they can go right to your scheduling page, or message you for making an appointment. 


Maximize Your Social Media Reach


Crafting your massage therapy marketing plan with a social media campaign can be a great way to spread awareness about your services and attract new clients. Along with having a well-maintained website, utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can give you a more substantial online presence, create an atmosphere of trustworthiness, and reach potential clients who likely wouldn’t have known about you otherwise.


You can start by designing an aesthetically pleasing profile for each of your accounts that conveys information about what you do; then, post regularly to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Photos, videos, and stories are great ways to showcase the benefits of working with you. Hashtags will help more people find you and schedule services with confidence.

With just some extra effort put into curating meaningful messages and gaining more visibility on the web, social media could become the primary source of promotions for your massage therapy business.



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