Spa and Massage Promotion Ideas That Can Help Drive Revenue

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For a person who loves going to the spa, nothing can be more exciting than seeing “Massage Special” on social media.

It can make a person giddy with joy. As a massage or spa owner, you want to capture that magic with your clients repeatedly.

There’s never been a better time to create monthly massage specials for your clientele. With continuing world and health issues, people are looking for ways to relax and relieve tension making this a perfect time to utilize these spa digital marketing tactics. 

Promotions don’t have to reduce your bottom line but can increase it with some planning. In this article, we will discuss massage promotion ideas focusing on areas to help drive your revenue: referrals, repeat business, reviews, and working with other companies.


Good Promotion Basics

First of all, let’s go over some fundamentals. Every good promotion has some essential components of its foundation.

  1. It needs to be an excellent deal for the client. It must be consistent with your brand story. Your promotion’s colors, style, and messaging should be cohesive with all other brand materials.
  2. You will want to market to a clearly defined target audience. Develop each promotion with your target client in mind. If your specials aren’t converting, you will want to dive deeper into ways to attract your target clients.
  3. Have specific promotions that are always consistent and timeless. For example, you can offer a discount for new clients at any time of the year. 
  4. Ensure that the promotion is suitable for your business financially and a great deal for your client.

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Promotion Ideas That Boost Referrals and Offer Rewards

Offering a reward for current clients to refer a friend can be a powerful incentive. You can get two appointments with one conventional stone.

  • Get $30 toward your next visit when you refer a friend (after they book their first appointment).
  • Receive a free add-on massage service when you refer a friend.
  • New clients bring a friend, and you BOTH get our new client discount.
  • Book your next appointment before you leave and get 10% off your next service.
  • Sign up today for a 1-year membership and save 15%.
  • Purchase a $50 or more gift certificate for a friend, and get a $10 gift certificate for you.

Promotions That Encourage Social Media Sharing

When a person shares a story or posts about your business on social media, that is like a personal endorsement. Sharing is an excellent way to gauge how your social media content works: the more shares, the more value to your viewers.

    • Share this post and receive 50% off any add-on service.
    • Share this post and tag two massage-loving friends to win a $50 gift card.
    • Get 25% off your next visit when you write us a Facebook review and share it on Facebook.
    • Tag a friend, and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card for you AND your friend.
    • Get 10% off your next visit when you follow us and share this post.

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Promotions That Help Generate Reviews

The lifeblood of your online bookings is your client reviews. When prospective clients look online for massage or spa services, they choose the business with better customer reviews. Every time.

More good reviews = more business and more revenue.

So if you have a client who has come back even one time for another booking, send them a link asking them to review you on Google.

You should email monthly massage specials to your current client list and include a Google review link so they can take quick action.

  • Any client who leaves me a review on Google this month will be entered to win a discounted price for our monthly membership plan.
  • Receive a free add-on with your next appointment when you write us a Google review.
  • We are currently running a Google review special for our amazing clients! Write us a Google review and share it on Facebook to get 25% off your next visit.
  • Your Google review can make a significant impact on our massage business. Today, when my clients review my business, I will pay it forward and donate $10 from your next appointment to the local charity of your choice!
  • While sitting at home this weekend, write a Google review for us, and we will happily give you $10 off your next service.
  • We love and appreciate you. When you leave us a Google review, you will receive a mystery gift certificate that could be good for up to $50 off your next visit!

Promotions With Companies

Specials don’t always have to be for individuals. Local businesses often love to give massage services to their employees and customers. Talk to some of the local companies in your area and see if they’d be interested in one of these massage specials:

  • Contact a local retailer or boutique and offer a 15% discount to their employees if they put your card in each shopping bag.
  • Contact a local radio host and offer to give them neck massages while they are live on the air. They can offer $10 off to their listeners when using a specific name or code.
  • Contact a flower shop to partner with in offering $10 coupons to their customers. You can call it fun like “Blooms and Bodywork” or “Marigolds and Massages.”
  • Contact a more prominent company in your area to offer a monthly membership discount to their employees. They can add this to their benefits package if you go through their HR department.
  • Contact a local physical therapist or chiropractor and offer an exclusive discount for their patients, like 15 or 20% off.

If your massage work is mobile, you can contact a company and offer to come in with a few massage therapists and provide massages to their employees on a particular day for a discount.

Other Promotion Ideas

  • Offer discounts or bundles when you have a new service you are promoting to encourage your clients to try them.
  • Offer bundle deals on popular treatments when a client bundles with another service.
  • Offer a giveaway on social media. Create excitement by encouraging followers to share and have a time limit to create the fear of missing out.
  • Ride the way of seasonal events and black Friday by offering special promotions.
  • Host events to pull in new clients. If you’ve upgraded your equipment or remodeled your rooms, you can create a promotion to attract new clients. Host a new grand opening.
  • Offer a client loyalty card so that they can get it stamped or punched with each visit, and when it’s filled, they receive a reward, special discount, or a free service.

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If you want to keep your spa business growing, promotions are a great way to do it! Not only do they help you attract new customers, but they also give your regular clients something to look forward to. It’s also great to show appreciation for your client’s loyalty. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

To get the most out of your massage therapy marketing, choose the right ones for your business. Consider what kind of deals will appeal to your target audience, and be sure to promote them in a way that will generate excitement. With some planning, promotions can be a powerful tool for keeping your spa business thriving!


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