Tips For Running Facebook Ads for Your Chiropractic Practice

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As healthcare service providers, chiropractors focus on helping their patients recover and regain well-being.

They also need chiropractic advertising ideas to attract new patients to their practice. In this article, we will zero in on how chiropractic Facebook ads can be a valuable marketing tool. 

There are several potential benefits to running Facebook ads for chiropractic marketing. One of the most significant benefits is that Facebook ads can increase brand awareness and visibility for your practice. This can attract new patients and boost your business. 

However, creating these ads for your practice will be slightly different from the other ads you may see on Facebook. Below we will go over some tips to ensure your ads can benefit your business the most.

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Creating Chiropractic Facebook Ads

When beginning a marketing campaign on Facebook, there are some essential strategies to follow to maximize the benefits to your brand. Here are our top five tips.


1. Begin with a goal.

The first step in creating Facebook ads is establishing your campaign’s goal. While the desire for new patients is a clear-cut objective, your goal should be more specific.

Facebook ads can include goals such as page likes, website clicks, newsletter sign-ups, webinar enrollments, e-book downloads, or scheduling appointments. Your campaign’s fundamental purpose becomes the foundation you build on for your ads.


2. Target the right audience

The great advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to target nearly any type of audience you want. Start with a specific location you are established within the community, then you can move on to the gender and ages of your target audience.

You can expand your target reach by selecting your audience’s most relevant interests and hobbies. Do this by considering the interests of your current patients, which may include health-related topics such as fitness, alternative medicine, chronic pain, yoga, nutrition, wellness, and so forth.

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3. Use compelling copy

The written portion of your ad is called copy, and it should be crisp, clean, and direct. It should grab the viewer’s attention while scrolling through their Facebook feed.


  • Ensure that your ad copy focuses on your goal, which may include special offers, highlights of the service you provide, or upcoming events. You do not want to promote any cure or guarantee of results. 
  • A distinct call-to-action helps make a compelling copy. This is the action you want the viewer to take, which is also part of the goal of your campaign. It could be to visit your website, like the page, sign up for a newsletter, schedule an appointment, or register for an event. 
  • One important tip about copy is that you want to avoid asking a question about an individual’s health status in your ad. For example, “Do you suffer from neck pain?” Instead, turn the question into a statement if you can. Facebook says that ads cannot assert or contain content that implies personal attributes including medical, physical, or mental health. 


4. Use high-quality images and video

High-quality media is expected from a professional service provider. However, you must be immensely careful of the images you use to ensure they meet the ad policies of Facebook. Be sure that your pictures do not:

  • Promote unhealthy or negative body images
  • Showcase any type of body shaming
  • Feature a patient without permission
  • Promote a particular body type that is preferred
  • Show a person in pain or who has red, painful areas highlighted
  • Suggest an unhealthy relationship with exercise or food

If you use an image with text overlaid, Facebook recommends that the text take up less than 20% of the picture. 

Good video content can be effective in chiropractor Facebook ads. Ad videos might be:

  • Patient testimonials
  • Office tours
  • Team member introductions
  • Treatment protocols
  • Educational and How-to’s
  • Whiteboard explanations


5. Utilize analytics

Facebook provides helpful analytics that makes it advantageous to use Facebook ads. You can access powerful tools to make the most of your advertising budget using the Ads Manager dashboard. You can view information like:

  • Number of clicks
  • Number of impressions
  • How many viewers are engaging with your ad
  • Total amount spent


Knowing these insights, you can adjust your campaign to maximize the benefits.

Another essential tool is the Facebook pixel, which is a code that is placed on your website. This code allows Facebook to track data and give you insights into how viewers respond to your ad and interact with your website. This information can significantly help you refine your campaign.

Facebook ads for your chiropractic practice can be a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience. It can help you build trust inside the community so that you are considered first when someone needs chiropractic care. 

Using Facebook ads can be an excellent way to engage with your existing patients and encourage people to spread the word about your business.



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