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Digital Marketing Portfolio – Client Projects

**The case portfolios below show how the DigiBIZ services can be used to create exceptional outcomes.
**On average, our clients see results that are around 10% to 30% of the results shown below.
**Note: Revenue shown below are sales coming ONLY from Organic traffic.

Featured Case Studies

Chiropractic Practice #1

Chiropractic Practice #1

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

Chiropractor #1 case study data

Well established Chiropractor losing revenue

They had a great reputation as well, but getting patients through the door had dropped, and revenue was down.

The work started by confirming the client’s brand identity with a fully updated website to match their reputation. The service pages were optimized and restructured. Consistent site maintenance with an implemented content strategy secured the results within 18 months.

Within 18 months of the updated website launching, they were able to increase their patient bookings by more than 20%.

Chiropractic Practice #2

Chiropractic Practice #2

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

Chiropractor #2 case study data

Chiropractor’s new website needed help

They contacted DigiBIZ 6 months after the launch, looking to improve their website content and increase traffic to the site.

A content strategy was put together and implemented. Social and blog content campaigns began as well. Their website was optimized for SEO that helped improve the overall quality of their website.

The results are striking – within just 12 months, they had increased traffic to the site immensly and revenue had improved.

Physical Therapy #1 - case study image

Physical Therapy Practice #1

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

Physical Therapy Case Study numbers

Client’s simplified website

The website design was outdated and lacked consistency and organization. Content ran rampant across the site with no centralized focus or idea of where visitors needed to to start. The website traffic numbers revealed this fact clearly as well. Month-over-month engagement rates demonstrated possible visitor confusion or lack of interest on the site.

But all that changed once the updated website was completed. The new content was efficiently implemented, optimized key words & phrases throughout your entire digital presence so Google could easily find them. Now new patients are finding them as well.

Physical Therapy Practice #2

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

Massage Therapy case study data

An old website needed a new “engine”

Their website was so slow that it took forever for pages to load. After updating their hosting, the site speed was improved to get more traffic coming in.

The new site design helped them stand out from competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs). Internal code with optimized snippets resulted in better page speed as well as an increase foot traffic.

Their brand identity was also improved. This was classic SEO work at its best with good results. The new engine works great.

Fortune 500 Company

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

SEO for a fortune 500 company

The first two years of working with this Fortune 500 Company were very challenging but rewarding. It took time to earn the trust and consistency needed for success in working with their marketing & website teams.

Ultimately everything from content writing, social media management, to technical SEO work on their site as well consulting them about marketing strategies were implemented to help them grow even more online.

The credit to the success of this long campaign was 1- Focus on increasing market share within their target demographics and 2- Focus on unending website maintenance and fixes.

The only regret is working for a flat fee instead of a percentage. 🙂

National Franchise image

Nationwide Franchise

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

Lesson learned after 60% drop in revenue

This client controls over 1000 stores nationwide and they launched their website without notifying their SEO company, DigiBIZ. After the launch they experienced a 60%+ revenue drop in 2 months. Now the notification came.

A website analysis found they did not think to keep intact the SEO from the old site to move to the new site. Plus they changed all the keywords from user friendly to technical keywords.

SEO content and meta data were added back to the site. The user friendly keywords were restored and user technical issues were updated. After working with Google for 2 months, their rankings recovered and ultimately their revenue improved almost back to the level it use to be.
A loss of 60% of revenue for 6 months.

Nationwide Charity

All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

from Google Penalty to Revenue recovery

The client had a Google penalty and was experiencing revenue drops of over 50%.

Removal of the penalty included removal of malware as well which took 3 months, as well as fixing major backend issues on their website.

With consistent maintenance and optimization efforts, and engaging a content marketing strategy, they were able increase monthly earnings until it surpassed ever-recorded levels!

Fitness Case Study data


All paid advertising revenue is excluded.

Take Advantage of a strong Brand

The brand name of this company is phenomenal, but they were not utilizing it on their website.

All the pages of their site were remapped with keywords to match and optimize them. Technical SEO was implemented as well as improving security features! A content marketing strategy was put into play to support the updated pages & new keywords.

The results speak volumes. Traffic has improved, rankings have improved and best of all revenue has showing more of the strength of their brand.