What Our Clients Are Saying

Allen J. | Fitness Coach

Digibiz has been a godsend for me. They were able to tailor their expertise and deep understanding of my specific market in order to help generate new business opportunities that have increased revenue exponentially over time with little effort on behalf of yours truly!

Ofir I. | Pain Management

Digibiz is a company that specializes in digital marketing. They have helped many businesses, such as our own business for instance; we found them very effective at improving and separating ourselves from the competition with their professional service offerings! The staff member assigned to work on this project was knowledgeable about what he did; courteous towards everyone involved; And great when it came time find out how everything worked together because of all those helpful tips given throughout each step during development process.

Cathy S. | Auto Repair

I am so pleased with our website update! I really appreciate all of your hard work on it, and the efforts from both teams. It looks great-thank you for making this happen with such little notice too :-)
We should be able to continue working together in SEO & Other Enhancements moving forward as planned; thank goodness because they’re always fun adventures (and good ones at that)!

Tim S. | Search Tech

I’ve been using DigiBIZ for a long time. They completely take care of our website. They consult our marketing department and their recommendations are sound. My digital manager is very transparent and has the heart of a teacher. They have a company unlike many others: They take responsibility, adapt to changes, respond to issues and go the extra mile.

Christine H. | Massage Therapist

I had been working with Digibiz for about a year when covid hit. All of my competitors were shutting down… I stopped all my paid marketing… and to my surprise I kept getting calls and visits on my site that turned into patients. My business grew during covid because of digibiz. I highly recommend digibiz to everyone.

Frank R. | Construction

I found the Digibiz manager very informative and will be of great help to my business. The insights into marketing strategies were invaluable, as I never considered them before!

Spencer P. | Insurance

I’ve worked with DigiBIZ for a few years. If you’ve landed here reading my review, I recommend you take the time to talk with them about your online marketing needs.

B. Scott | Media

After using the digibiz program, my business has grown by about 30%. I have gotten so many compliments on how nicely designed my website is. Some of those who never referred to me before are now recommending people contact us!
I am very happy with Digibiz, they helped make sure all eyes will be on our company when we expand into new areas of endeavor.

David B. | Physical Therapy

The DigiBIZ Team completely revamped my website. I appreciate their honesty. With most SEO services you’re dealing with snake oil and you have no idea what you’re paying for on an ongoing monthly basis. But, with the Digibiz team you will know exactly what they will deliver for you each month. Like other SEO services; they will not garner you immediate results. But, they are honest about these HARD Truths, and over time they will improve your rankings.

Adrienne F. | Dentist

I am so grateful to have found a resource that is not only able, but also willing and enthusiastic about helping me. Your guidance has been invaluable in my journey towards a successful dental practice. I can’t believe how much better things are now – thanks for everything you do :)

Steve W. | Author

Digibiz, who has been working with me since I started my business almost four years ago and helped to create a strategy that reflects its unique character is responsible for the impressive 17% growth in our company’s first year of using their material. And now we are doubling revenues!

Jeff B. | Professional Speaker & Trainer

Hiring Digibiz has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while! They helped me revamp my old website and get it just right for my company. Their social media package is so innovative, with Facebook & Instagram working together to bring us more patients – I will always recommend Digibiz.

Kris R. | Mentor

I am thrilled to say that I have seen an increase in referrals since implementing Digibiz. The branding and messaging on my website has brought me people who are confident with my recommendations, which will lead them into consultation for the first time or increase their frequency of appointments!